Tip 3) Keep Your Home In Working Order

Increase your home's chance of being sold by ensuring that the mechanical and electrical components are in working order.


  • Be sure light switches, lamps and fixtures (inside and outside the home) are working properly and all light bulbs have appropriate wattage.
  • Remember, bright light can make a small space appear larger.
  • Softer light can provide a warm, cozy atmosphere to empty spaces.


  • Re-enamel, patch or replace badly chipped or stained fixtures.
  • Repair noisy toilets and faucets that leak or spray water.
  • Ensure that sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets are working properly.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

  • Ensure that heaters and air conditioners are working properly.
  • Clean floor and wall ducts.

Additional Fixtures

  • Check batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Be sure security systems are working properly.

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